New Brochure

By Matt Bishop | 27 January 2021 |
Matco Brochure

We’re really proud of our new brochure which shows what Matco can do to help your business.  Welcome to download the brochure from here: Matco Brochure Online    

Medical Parts for Saudi Arabia

By Jonathan Gulliver | 4 January 2021 |

These complex parts are made for medical equipment in Saudi Arabia. Matco have already secured next year’s orders for these components produced on our highly accurate cnc lathes and mills in large batches by the Matco team.

The Impeller

By Jonathan Gulliver | 8 December 2020 |

One of Matco’s key customers had a problem with a machined cast aluminium impeller, made in China. The reject rate was unacceptable and the supply was intermittent. The parts required onerous checking once they had arrived in the UK. The customer needed a better solution. Matt Bishop at Matco suggested a West Midlands sourced casting,…

Welcome to the new Matco website

By Jonathan Gulliver | 8 December 2020 |

Welcome to the new Matco website. We’ve developed the new site to give all our customers and prospective customers a good idea of what Matco can offer. We’re making machined components in the West Midlands and our turnkey solutions can help our customers solve their sourcing problems.