Materials at Matco

Matco are machining different materials everyday.  The characteristics of different grades can influence cost and speed of machining, so we encourage all our customers and prospects to speak to us to discuss choice of material.  The sooner the right decision is made, the better.


Aluminium is one of the most commonly machined materials, and is machined very quickly making it a very economical choice.  It is lightweight and readily available in a wide range of grades.  Barely a day goes by when MATCO are not machining aluminium.   We have machined a wide range of grades and also different cast grades.



Copper is normally machined from solid copper bar.  Components are often required for applications where the high conductivity of copper is important.  Matco have experience of machining a range of different copper grades and sizes.


Steel is one of the most common materials we are asked to machine, especially for our automotive customers.  Steel grades generally come to BS970 specifications or different EN grades of steel.


Machining of some plastics is very fast and straightforward, such as Polypropylene or Delrin.  When machining plastic, it isn't always possible to rely on the rigidity of the material as in machining metals, but Matco have the experience of machining a wide variety of different plastic materials.



Brass machines well and is always machined at high speeds.  It is often used for small and complex components.  Matco frequently make machined brass parts and have worked with many different alloys.



Stainless steel is popular due to it's good resistance to corrosion and high strength.  Stainless Steel is one of the most commonly machined materials.  Matco have machined a wide range of grades, including 303, 304 and 316.