The Impeller

One of Matco’s key customers had a problem with a machined cast aluminium impeller, made in China. The reject rate was unacceptable and the supply was intermittent. The parts required onerous checking once they had arrived in the UK. The customer needed a better solution.

Matt Bishop at Matco suggested a West Midlands sourced casting, to be finish machined at Matco. The design was studied in detail to make the machining as simple as possible and keep cost down, as all customers require.

When the parts arrived, not only was the reject rate eliminated, but the customer also found that there was a worthwhile improvement in performance due to the better surface finish.

At Matco we really believe that the relationship between different tiers of supplier is very important and can be key to the success of a project. We also know that by being local to our customers, we can respond quickly to their needs.